Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Bit About Breck

Breck is a lot of things: entertainer, difficult, stubborn, full of energy, loving, picky eater, short tempered, and hilarious are just a few.

did I mention he hates clothing?!

Breck really likes learning spanish! And at times prefers to do his counting in it.

He loves math and science and has said multiple times that he'd like to go to the moon. Or be a zookeeper.

His art skills appear to be lacking, at first sight anyway. But if you ask him to tell you about his pictures, you'll get a 10 minute story of some action packed adventure!

Breck is now at the age where he tests the limits every. single. day. He's realized he's a big boy now and embraces that. But with great power comes great responsibility, and he has started helping with chores!

And this kid's memory is amazing! He can tell you exactly where you left something from a week ago. And I can tell you, he does not get that from me!

He'll start his second year of preschool soon and it will be fun to see how this year is different from last!


  1. Mine hates shoes and has a great memory too!
    I can always ask him where something is and he knows!
    He is adorable, I love the picture of him in the sink : )

  2. I guess you just can't customize get whatever you're given. :)

  3. I really like the sink picture too...especially with his sister peeking through the door in the background!

  4. And the looks of joy on his face are priceless. Hope he remains a happy boy throughout his life...

  5. What a sweet boy! Mine think clothing is optional too ;)

  6. He sounds like my little guy. Boys are so fun.

  7. Love the shot of him peeking behind the tree.

    My littlest one doesn't tend to challenge me.... but she is smart watching what the others get in trouble for and avoiding it!

  8. My youngest son would prefer clotheslessness, too. Fun post!

  9. Yippee!!! Kid updates!!! My goodness they are growing up so fast. I LOVE that first picture. How did you do the edit on it???? And your boy isn't the only one that likes being naked...Aaron (5) did his school in his underwear today. HA!

  10. Jenn - For the first shot of Breck, I just shot in RAW mode, then upped the exposure a bit. And that was it!

    and LOL about Aaron! :)


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