Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things from the Craft Room: Korker Bows & Tile Pendants

Korker Bows

After making some simple barrettes, I felt they needed a little somethin' and decided I'd try making korker bows!

You can see that tutorial here.

Note: I use clear nail polish instead of Fray Check.


Tile Pendant

I've been wanting to make these for about 2 years.
Last fall I found a Scrabble game at a garage sale for $1!
And this year, I finally got around to making them!

Here's the tutorial for these.

I made 10 - 1 went to my sister, 2 had air bubbles in the glaze and the 7 above are good, 6 just need the bails attached. I certainly don't need all of these so you may, at some point in the future, see a little listing for them on etsy or perhaps a fun giveaway here!

Another little note:
I couldn't find the Diamond Glaze that the tutorial says to use, so I found a thick glazing medium (below) and it works just the same, and it's $2 at JoAnn Fabrics. Less if you use a 40% off coupon. Oh, and where it says to brush it on, I just squirt on a thick layer and let it dry for a few days.
It levels itself out, but watch for bubbles!


  1. Love the scrabble tile pendants!

  2. I love the pendants too. Stopping from SITS!

  3. The barrettes are just too cute!!!!! And you did an excellent job on the pendants. They are very nice!

  4. i have to come back and figure out your turtorial for the tiles I love them.

  5. I want some barrettes and a pendant! I think maybe I'll make the barrettes a summer project...

  6. Super cute. I totally want to make those....or win yours.

  7. Total DIBS on the turquois one!!

  8. I love your pendants! They are so cute, I totally want one! Stopping by from SITs! Have a great (almost) weekend!


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