Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things from the Craft Room: Magazine Holder & Barrettes

Magazine Holder
made from a cereal box!

I used the smallest box size for this particular one, since the magazines are so little.
You can see the tutorial here.


I used mini alligator clips with teeth. I think they stay in place fabulously!
I got them from Hobby Lobby.

And my ribbon is 1/4" wide. It was a 4-pack from the Target Dollar Spot.
But most craft stores have ribbon on sale for 40% off or more all the time.

These were my very first barrettes:

They're ok and we'll use them,
but they don't look near as finished as my second attempt:

You can see the tutorial for these here.

...next up: korker bows and tile pendants!


  1. love the little barretts!
    very crafty! :)

  2. I love both ideas! I'll have to check out how you did that!

  3. Oh I love these and badly need to make some for my girls. We lose so many and I keep thinking I just need to make them instead of buying them. I'm checking out the tutorial now :) Thanks

  4. I have made the magazine holder before. Easy yet decorative!! And those barrettes...I'll be checking them out. I need a cheaper alternative to buying them!

  5. cute barrettes, im tempted to make a few of my own for my girls too....but ...theres always that BUT!


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