Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sundays In My City: OP Arboretum, Visit 2

It's settled.
We will be visiting our nearby arboretum every 2 weeks or so,

even though this was a predominant feel to our trip:

And this was a common occurrence:

I will just have to learn to be more patient and bring the stroller.

There are lots more flowers than just 2 weeks ago!
Oh, they had daffodils in all shapes and sizes and colors!
And a wide color variety of hyacinths!
And I didn't even get photos of all the kinds of flowers!

We found a new trail and water was flowing where it hadn't been in mid-March.

However, on the path that's in the middle left picture below, there was news of a 3 foot long black snake lounging along the pathway.
I thank God that a) we did not find it, and b) the hiker who did find it turned around and told us about it, because we were headed back that way!!!
...heart-attack averted!

Eventually I was able to get the kids to sit still long enough for a quick picture...or ten.

Hopefully on our next visit, all the tulips will be in bloom!


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  1. Oh, wow! Great collage of pics! :D

  2. You got some great collages. And if my sons would have heard there was a snake, we would have gone and looked.... I'm such a crazy mom.

  3. Fun! Great collages! I love the cobblestone and bridge shots.

  4. Those are great collages and beautiful flowers. Looks like a photographers dream.

  5. Beautiful flower collages! I think I would have ran the other way if I heard about the snake too. However, Aaron would have had to go see it. And just wait till you have four kiddos to chase after. It gets lots more fun!!! :)

  6. I so agree, it's so nice you collage the photos. Love it!

  7. these are great collages girl!!
    looks like a beautiful place!


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