Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girl's Night Out!

Friday night, my lovely girl friend Tammy, who just so happens to be dating my BIL, drove 2.5 hours to come here for dinner and a movie with me!

How cool is that!?

So, we went for a late (to me) dinner at the restaurant, Mimi's Cafe. I've never been there before, but their building has deep purple awnings, so I knew they'd be good!
(Note: Purple = KSU Fan = Better than sliced bread)

We ordered the same thing: Boulevard Wheat and a breaded chicken and pasta something-er-other.

Boy, was it good!

The night before, I had signed up for their eClub, hoping by some miracle they'd send me a coupon to use. And since God's in charge of the miracles dept, I'm going to give Him the credit for my $10 off a $20 purchase coupon that was waiting for me in my email Friday morning!

The theater was more or less in the same parking lot as the restaurant, which was pretty nice! So, we headed on over and upon entrance, I was immediately wowed at how nice it was.

It has it's own fountain in front, although it wasn't on, the ticket-taker was wearing a tuxedo, and the halls were super clean and had murals and columns all over the place!

They also had one of those cut outs that you stick your face into:

Wanna know what movie we saw?

Remember Me

I won't give away any details, but I will tell you that it was fantastic!
Oh, and you'll want to bring a box - not those travel packs, a box - of tissues with you.
Trust me.

Thanks for the wonderful get-out-of-the-house-and-have-some-girl-time night, Tammy!


  1. How awesome she came down and you got a girls night, I'm dying for one.
    Wow that food looks awesome, and the theater fantastic!
    My Lexi wants to go see Remember Me, so now that I know it's good maybe I'll take her next weekend.

  2. You capture some great shots! Looks like a fab evening... not heard of the movie, I'll have to look it up

  3. I had tons of fun too! (But I already knew that Tammy+Katie=FUN) Wish we had more opportunities to do things like this.

  4. Did you know that was the theatre that Justin designed?

  5. I love girl's night outs! Don't get them very often, but they are so worth it when they happen!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come on over anytime!

  6. How fun!!! GNO are so awesome. I'll have to check that movie out. I've not heard of it. If it makes one cry, then it must be good.

    That chicken you ate looks DELICIOUS!!!!


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