Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tot School - Week of 2/14/10

This week started out with a new 'routine' for cleaning. As per Breck's teacher's suggestion, we implemented a specific song as our clean-up-song! And, who better to lead that song than the best cleaner-upper ever - Mary Poppins!

Breck loved it! (Rowan didn't care one bit.) We listened to the song twice, which was long enough for the toy room to be cleaned!

Breck hadn't painted for a long time, so he got to while Rowan was napping.
(but, he did have to practice cutting with the scissors before he could start - he hates cutting, but needs to learn)
Oh, and I used contact lens cases for his paint - that way if there's paint leftover, all I do is screw the cap back on and save it for next time! ;)

I got several puzzles at Dollar Tree this week. They had a pretty good selection of 25 piece puzzles in various characters. The one below is Ice Age and we also got Nemo and Care Bears. Breck did all of them this week. And with each puzzle, I helped him less. By the time he got to the third puzzle, I only had to give him a few hints - otherwise, he put it together by himself!

Silly Monsters
These are from Breck's Highlight's High Five magazine. He did not want to mix and match, so he only found the 'correct' parts for each monster. What I had intended to be just a fun thing without much learning turned into something that made Breck think about options and choices.

Alphabet Recognition
I found this foam alphabet at Dollar Tree. Breck spelled out his name with the letters, then Rowan's and then said most of the letter names as he put them back in their spots.

Problem Solving
So, technically these blocks are for Rowan and kids much younger than Breck. But, he still had to use his head and figure out how to stack these. I got these on clearance after Christmas at Target.

This week I also rearranged and organized the toy room by taking pictures of most toys and then putting that picture on the shelf or basket where it belongs. I keep trying to get Rowan involved, but she never wants to do anything I have for her, so she mainly plays with the toys on the shelves: stacking rings, shape sorters, her babies, etc.


For lots of other great ideas, head over to 1+1+1=1!


  1. Those are some great ideas! I'm always looking for fun learning activities to do with my almost 3 year old. How old is your son? He's adorable.

  2. I love the silly monsters!! My son will love it too, will have to try it

  3. Looks like fun. Bella loves Mary Poppins, I should sing that song while we clean!

    The Dollar Tree here has the coolest puzzles. You can't beat getting them for a dollar each! Bella loves putting them together.

    The contact lens for paint is a great idea!

  4. Mary Poppins rocks!! I love her!! I like the idea of organizing toys with a picture. Very smart.

  5. What a fun idea to have a clean up song! Those puzzles look like a lot of fun :-)

  6. Having a clean up song is such a good idea!! I do this with my preschoolers and it works like a charm but never thought to do it with Sunshine! Good for yo getting organized! We are working on that here too!

  7. Your lens case paint holder is genius!


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