Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grocery Deals - Week of 2/14/10

Monday all the grocery stores were having their President's Day Sales, but only one of them was worth going out for...

I got all the following at Price Chopper for $5.00 - and that includes tax!

Russet Potatoes 10lb bag - on sale for $0.99

(2) Kellogg's cereals were on sale for $1.69,
minus $1.50/2 coupon = $0.94 each

(6) Knorr Sides - on sale for $0.49 each,
minus (2) $0.75/3 coupons = $0.24 each

Kellogg's Fruit Snacks - on sale for $0.99,
minus $1.00/1 IP coupon = -$0.01

Nabisco Saltine Crackers - on sale for $0.99,
minus $1.00/1 coupon = -$0.01

This store has a 'shopper's card' program and on the receipt, once your card is scanned, they deduct the sale price from the regular price just like a coupon. I really like this for two reasons:

1. You can get overage from coupons, although this rarely happens.
2. You can see the regular price total and your after-coupons total.

The regular price total (not the sale prices) on this purchase was $28.37,
Sale price total was $10.00 (yep, it was even!),
and my after-coupon total was $5.00 (also even!)

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