Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goals for 2010: February 1st - 15th


So far this month has been terrible. I've only worked out 4 times a week, cleaning is sporadic, but I'm still on pace to have my Bible read in a year. And I've done zero crafts.

For the next two weeks, I'm going to try to drink more water. I'm aiming for 6 glasses a day (I know it's supposed to be more).

Workout #1 for the week.
Read Exodus 7 - 12

Cleaning: mopped kitchen floor and cleaned the bathrooms, both of which were on yesterday's to-do list.
Workout #2 for the week.
Read Exodus 13 - 18

Read Exodus 19 - 24

Workout #3 for the week.

Read Exodus 25 - 28
Workout #4 for the week.

Missed workout #5 today - and completely re-evaluated my lack of progress.

Read Exodus 29 - 33

***new week***

Workout #1 for the week - 20 minutes of Biggest Loser high intensity cardio, 5 minute break, 20 minutes strength and sculpt.
Read Exodus 34 - 40. Hooray, I'm done with Exodus - gotta admit, the last half really drug on.

Workout #2 for the week - 20 minutes of Biggest Loser 'boot camp' (mix of cardio and weights)
Read Leviticus 1 - 5

Read Leviticus 6 - 10

Workout #3 for the week - 20 minutes of Biggest Loser strength and sculpt, 10 minute break, 30 minutes of high impact cardio with My Fitness Coach on the Wii.

Workout #4 for the week - 20 minutes of Biggest Loser 'boot camp' (mix of cardio and weights)

I did absolutely nothing. Once again, skipped workout #5 - I've been really tired and this week in particular, I was really sore after doing those extra workouts!

Read Leviticus 11 - 14

***new week***

I was incredibly tired - I've been all sorts of outta-whack lately, and a sleepless child doesn't help that! So, instead of doing workout #1, I laid down and almost got a nap.


  1. Hang in there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog on my SITS Day. And what a wonderful day it was! I don't do many giveaways (they are kinda of a pain-in-my-drain) but I am doing a cool one now. Pop by and enter to win! http://www.franticmommy.blogspot.com

  2. 6 glasses is what they recommend now... so that is a good goal.

    You can do it!

  3. Wow...you are ready to go w/ a great plan. You can do it!

  4. I drink 4-16 oz glasses of water a day. Heard a neat little trip to keep me inspired; place the number of rubber bands for the amount of glasses you want in a day around a glass. My glass has two grooves so each time I fill up I move a band down, that way I can keep track of how many glasses I have had :-)

  5. Drinking water is my down fall. I just can't seem to motivate myself to guzzle it down. You're doing great! Keep at it.


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