Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goals for 2010: January 16th - 31st

January 16th - 31st

Goals completed:

Exercise: I've worked out 5 days per week for the first 4 weeks. And 4 days this past week.
I have no clue how much I weigh, though. My scale's batteries are dead, so it only says "low" when I step on it.
I don't mind. ;)

Reading the Bible in a year: So far so good!
I've read all the way through Job and Genesis and am into Exodus.

Use 150+ Packets of Yeast: This month I've used about 10 packets. I need to step it up a bit if I'm going to get them all used by July.

Things that are...umm...far from started:

Sticking to a Cleaning Schedule: Ummm, no. This hasn't happened at all. I've been cleaning sporadically, but not on a regular basis.
I finally bought a mop on the 27th.
It's a step.

Keeping track of spending: This has been an on/off thing. Oye.

Workout #5 for the week!

Read Genesis 16 - 18

***new week***

Workout #1 for the week!
Read Genesis 19 - 21
Down to 144+ packets of yeast - made bread

Read Genesis 22 - 24
Workout #2 for the week

Read Genesis 25 - 26

Read Genesis 27 - 29
Workout #3 for the week

Read Genesis 30 - 31
Workout #4 for the week

Read Genesis 32 - 34
Workout #5 for the week! Yay - another week down!

Read Genesis 35 - 37

***new week***

Workout #1 for the week
Read Genesis 38 - 45. This is actually 3 days worth of reading. I was to the part about Joseph and his life in Egypt and it was just way too good to stop reading! :)

Workout #2 for the week

Cleaning: All I did all day long was clean.
Read Genesis 46 - 50. Finished Genesis, now on to Exodus!

Workout #3 for the week
Read Exodus 1 - 4

Workout #4 for the week
Cleaning: steam cleaned all the bad spots in the house and did 2 loads of laundry

30th - 31st
We were gone these days, so nothing got done.
...although I did cheer pretty exuberantly at the game, does that count as a workout?


  1. Good goals and good for you keeping up with them. What a great way to track your progress.

  2. I think you've done really well on your goals. They say it takes 28 days to devolop a habit - so on the workout you got it!

  3. You're doing great!! Keep it up. I have slacked on the workout a couple of days. Need to get back in gear.


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