Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breck's Preschool Fall Party!

Today Breck had his Fall Party at preschool. Parents were welcome to come to it, so Rowan and I went.

It took a while for Breck to notice Rowan and I were even there, since all the kids sprinted to the various games.

Some of those games were:

Silly String Pumpkins - the kids sprayed silly string and aimed at the pumpkin's mouth.
Breck needed some help pushing the spray button down.

Bouncy Ring

from the bouncy ring, the kids went to a ball sorting activity,

through Dora's house and then to the Obstacle Course.

Hit the Cans

Pumpkin Tossing - there were pumpkin leaf bags filled with air that the kids hit all over.

After about 15 minutes of these games, it was time to head to the hallway where the kids played a version of musical chairs (but with different colored shapes laid on the floor). And when the music stopped, a color was called out and whoever was on that color got to go get their snack and a prize!

Breck was the first one to "win" - somehow he was the only one on that particular color.

and we figured out who David/Devon is - it's the combination of the twins' names in his class: Kaden & Evan!

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  1. How fun!!! Looks so simple to us, but was a carnival to those kiddos!!


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