Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preschool - Day 2

Breck did not want to go to preschool this morning.
At all.

I bribed him into the building by telling him we'd look at the fish in the front lobby, which did the trick nicely. Then I lured him back towards the classroom ok, but once we got there he caught on. And cried and tried to run away, so I handed him off to his teacher, told him I'd be back in 3 hours and that I love him.

He did go potty in the toilet twice before we left the house - once after getting up and once right before we got in the car. Each time he received one M&M for it.


While Breck was at school, Rowan and I went to the library!
I went in thinking it would be a breeze with only one munchkin and I'd be able to find all my books without having to shush or chase a child.


She's a mini Breck and loves to run from Mommy.
We managed to find a few books on our list and we found some that weren't thanks to Rowan taking me to aisles I wouldn't have gone to!


Then it was time to pick up Breck.
Seth was near home, so he met us at the preschool and surprised Breck!

Breck's teacher said he did fantastic today!
That he cried for about 1 minute when I left and there were no "problems".


And when we asked him if he had a good time, he said "yes!"
And when we asked him if he wants to go back on Monday, he said "yes!"

Supposedly, he learned about all his favorite African animals - which I'm pretty sure was a made up story. But, he did learn about fire fighters, used scissors to cut a triangle, and made another friend named David. I don't know if there's really a David, but I asked about his friend from Monday named Kaden and Breck acknowledged that they, too, were friends. So, I'm more inclined to believe in David!

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