Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2nd Annual Sweet Swap Coming Up

It's nearly time for the 2nd Annual Bring on the Lloyds Sweet Swap!

Last year there were approximately 4 participants, 5 if you include me. (I was aiming for 3!)
This year, I'm hoping we can make it to 10 participants!

I know there are a handful of you who love sweets, so I'm hoping you'll join in the fun!

Here are the details:

What: a virtual Sweet Swap!

When: Monday, Nov. 9th

How: Post your favorite desert recipe on your blog, then come back here and add your link to the list! Easy peasy. If you don't have a blog, you can still participate! Just leave your awesome recipe in the comments!

Feel free to add my little button to your post! ;)

Hope to see you there!


  1. What a great idea!

    I think I'll post a traditional recipe that was from Rich's family... hmmm...

  2. Count me in!! I'll DEFINITELY be there!!

  3. I advertised it on my Homeschool Blog for ya!!!

    Maybe you will have MORE than 10! :)


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