Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update on the Kiddos


She'll be 15 months next week!!!

She has her 4th tooth coming in,
has mastered the stairs, with the exception of that one incident,
and her hair is getting much longer...pony tail, here we come!

And while she hasn't really said her first "real" word (aside from the standard Mama and Daddy) she does repeat words...she just hasn't made the word-item association(s) yet.

Rowan also listens and follows directions really well.
For instance: if I ask her to put the Cheerios back in the cupboard, she'll do it.



If I ever thought the terrible twos couldn't be any worse, boy did God prove me wrong with the threes. Breck is incredibly independent. He wants to do most everything by himself and if you look at him wrong, he's quite quick to let you know it!
Infuriated, frustrated and embarrassed are daily feelings for me...especially if we're running errands!

Potty training is going well.
Lately he's had some accidents - mainly related to the fact that he doesn't stop the fun to go potty.
Although, he goes #2 in the potty each and every time (ok, he had one #2 accident)
And the potty chair is a thing of the past - he hoists himself up on the regular potty and does his thing!

In two weeks Breck will be 3 years and 4 months old!

He has such an active imagination!!
There are "creatures" in our house most nights,
dinosaurs often chase him,
and he holds many a conversation with imaginary friends in third person!


  1. Boy, Rowan doesn't have many teeth, does she? Did Breck get them that late too?

  2. Such great stages in life! They fly by so definitely enjoy them while you can!


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