Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Granny Squares Blanket: It's Still Here!

Here are all the squares I've completed since we moved in
...nearly a month ago:

Three. That's it.
So much for my all-squares-done-by-Labor-Day goal.

I'm still unpacking boxes and our weekends are as hectic as our weeks, so we're not quite to the moved-in-and-comfortable stage yet.
Slowly but surely.

So, my new goal is to have all 120 squares done by the end of October.
I'm over half way done, so if I crochet 2 square per day, I should be there with no problems!

After that, my goal is to have the cream border all done by Thanksgiving.

Then I'm aiming to have all my ends sewn in and the whole thing finished by New Years!

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