Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Day - 09/09/09

This morning, the kids headed to the guest room, which has no furniture...yet.
Instead, it has a queen size air mattress!

Who knew it could double as a bouncy "house"?!

And then they watched The Incredibles together!

...but not always nicely...

after lunch and Rowan's nap we went to the park!
(the cool one with all the bridges and ducks!)

Once we got home it was time for Rowan's second nap,
so I went out to the garage to paint a chair. (post coming soon on that!)

Breck came out when I was cleaning up and really wanted to paint too, so I got him set up with a paint station of his own.

and then somehow, evening and dinner flew by...


  1. Looks like they enjoyed each others company today! I love the pic of them holding hands as y'all are walking at the park. Sweet!


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