Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lookey What I Found!

Saturday I did some unplanned garage sale-ing with my Dad, Step-Mom, and sister and brother as well as the kiddos...good thing they have a van...because in addition to hauling people, they also hauled some large furniture!
A BIG thanks for that!
(and a big thanks for those who offered up their trucks after my last garage sale post!)

Here's what we got:

this $60 couch

and a rather large $25 play kitchen complete with all manner of play food and play food related small appliances!

the same people we bought the couch and play kitchen from gave Seth a tote full of random toys that no one bought and they just wanted gone since they are moving! The best is an Easy Bake Oven...but it's missing the trays you cook stuff in.

and this $12 desk, which I will use as a craft table
(I can hardly wait...oh the things I will make!!!)

I also got a shelf for $1 that I'll use to hold my small canvases while I paint
(I'm going to paint 4 or 5 floral paintings for Rowan's room - and I've been thinking of making one of these shelves for a while, but I can't buy the wood for less than $1!)

and last but not least, a big pink unicorn for Breck - $0.50

This was given to the seller's son by a little girl while he was in the hospital (not sure what for - he's fine now) and so it was special to them, but he's too old for it I guess, and so now we are the proud owners of a magical unicorn!

It sure does make a nice chair!


  1. You got some great deals!!! How much fun to find good stuff at great prices:)

  2. That couch is very nice!! What a steal!! And that kitchen is quite huge. The kiddos will love that for years to come. Mine STILL love theirs.


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