Saturday, September 12, 2009

Garage Sale Goodies!

Thursday - Saturday a neighborhood near us had their neighborhood garage sale!

Here's what we got on Thursday:
(there were only 4 sales, but 3 had something we could use!)

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics - $5

First Years Swing Tray Booster Seat - $5

2 metal magazine holders - $1 for the pair

thread holder - $0.50
(it's homemade, but certainly gets the job done! the elderly lady at the garage sale told me that her husband made it for her, so I know it was made with love!)

Friday the kids were not up for the hunt!

But we scored some sweet deals on Saturday:

DVD player - $10
(it's the silver unit in the middle)

Chalkboard/Dry Erase Board Easel - $5

Decorative bucket/planter - $1
(I have some ideas for basket, planter, storage for small bathroom things, etc)

Hershey's Kiss silicone mold - Free!
(This was the only thing I was going to buy at this sale and the older gentleman running it said to "just keep it!" How nice was that?! It was only $0.25, but still...)

Large dry erase board - $1
(I got this at the first sale, before we found the easel. It's the large kind with the little ledge)


  1. wow, you got some fabulous finds!

  2. Wow what great garage sale finds!!! I just love reading what great items others can find at garage sales/thrift stores, etc.! Last week I found a purple Bumbo seat for my daughter in brand new condition at our Goodwill for $2!!! Wow was I pumped!

  3. I can't believe all of your great finds! I have to get out and garage sale more!

  4. Your dry erase board was an awesome deal, and I LOVE that Hershey kiss mold!!!


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