Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Boy and His Ideas

For nearly the entire time Breck has been potty training, each time he goes pee in the adult potty, he will rip off a square of toilet paper, throw it in the toilet and flush.

Why is this? Well, at the beginning of training I'd use a square to clean up any drips. I guess he wasn't paying attention to what I was doing with the tp and thought I just threw it straight in the potty.


Remember my post from way back with alternative uses for those plastic bags that cereal comes in?
Breck has found yet another use!

Step 1. Dump out all the cereal on the carpet.
Step 2. Pee in the bag.


  1. Girl....I am dying laughing over here!!! That is the funniest thing I have heard today!!

    I hope this is a very QUICK phase....maybe you can stash the cereal a little higher in the pantry...ha ha ha!!

  2. ROTFLOL!!!! I can't believe he did that!! HA HA HA!! I feel for you girl. I'm sure he will have more tricks up his sleeve. Tell him I said thanks for the good laugh today!!


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