Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Afternoon at Deanna Rose Farmstead

(aka: Operation: Wear Out the Kids)

Another day of fun! What?!

Now that the awful "we-just-moved-in-and-the-house-is-a-mess" feeling has dissipated, as has all that rain, we can do fun stuff!

And boy oh boy, does the OP deliver on that!

This afternoon the kids and I went to a super neat "little" place in town:
the Deanna Rose Farmstead.
(we were going to meet our buddy LC there, but life happened, so we got a raincheck!)

Keep in mind that our day was entirely free and we did not see or do everything that this farm has to offer.
(there are a lot of activities that you can pay to do)

When we first got through the "door" we saw a herd of baby chicks!

...and I thought my kids ran everywhere!

then it was time for a photo op!

Breck loves playing with hair!

this is my absolute fav!

Speaking of photo ops, this place is an absolute photographic wonderland!!!
I think if I am ever "stuck" on the 365 Project, I shall go here and be stuck no more!

On the drive, Breck had even asked me if there would be a windmill at this place...I assumed so.

Next to the windmill was the Dairy Barn,
where Breck "learned" to milk a cow!

...although he told an older kid that "this is the cow's poop."
He was quickly, but nicely, corrected on that one by the other child.

And outside, the kids were able to ring the cowbells!
"More cowbell! I need more cowbell!"

Then we took a "break" and went to one of the various playgrounds.
The kids walked through a mini log cabin, which I thought was super cool, but I guess it wasn't because they walked in and then right out.

Here's something funny (to the KSU fans) that I overheard at the playground:
Lady to little boy: "Hi! Are you a Jayhawk fan?!"
Little Boy: "No."
Lady: "But you're wearing a Jayhawk shirt."
(Boy: I didn't actually hear his reason for wearing the shirt, but I'm guessing he was forced at gun point and threatened that he would miss out on Deanna Rose if he didn't wear it. It's a logical assumption.)

And then over the bridge

but we stopped to stare at the ducks,
because this town seems to be lacking in the bridge and ducks area.
(Said with thick sarcasm. We were just at a playground with bridges and ducks on Tuesday.)

After that fun, it was time to look at various animals!

Like this little goat,
who turned around and pooped right in front of us.
Breck was probably in heaven...he thinks poop is cool.

and this irresistible fuzzy little bunny

a ram who didn't seem to care much about anything

...and then, all of a sudden, I had a strong craving for stuffing and pumpkin pie...

Next up was the hand washing station!
(there were several around)
Breck did not want to leave this part of the farm!

but we eventually did and walked across the path to where there were hay rack rides to look at the horses

a little ways around the next bend was the K-State Extension Research Garden (or something like was K-State sponsored, I know.)

where they had a bridge
(but no ducks)

a variety of pretty flowers

and a fun play area with stepping stone that are great for hopping across!

Right as we came out of the garden we saw this:

My gut reaction was "oh no, a pretty dead butterfly!"
Upon further inspection, it was not only alive, but there were two.
Nothing like witnessing the birds and the bees in action!
...or maybe it was a butterfly fist fight???

Then Breck ran around the corner

and we saw this nifty old tractor

the next path had birds of prey and other predatory animals,
like the bobcats that Rowan was trying to woo her way

and then there was a neat little nature path that had a bunch of cool garden art.
(Lorrie, I thought of you during this part!)

...but 2 hours was enough. Breck was hot and tired and ready to go home (he told me this!) and my camera was out of memory, so the kids packed into the stroller and we headed home.

Breck was asleep by the time we arrived home, which wasn't too far a drive, and Rowan went right to sleep when I laid her in her crib!

We will definitely be going back!


  1. Looks like an incredible outing!!

  2. HA HA HA on the dead butterflies! You crack me up!! What an eventful day. My goodness I would LOVE to have a place like that around here. The little play area was so cute with the crayon posts. And talk about photo ops. WOW!!

  3. Love anything that can wear the kiddos out! And inexpensive to boot! Good job, and great pics! Love the milking ones.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours! And plenty of SITS love coming your way.

    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  4. What a fun day! And you got some fabulous pictures! I thought the butterfly was dead, too, and then I read on and had to go look at the picture again. *lol* Yep, there are 2 of them there...haha!

  5. I need more cowbell!

    That looks like a fun place to go even if you don't have kids!

  6. What an amazing place! Your pictures made me feel like I was there.

    Merry Christmas!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  7. Just stopping by from SITS. Have a great holiday :D

  8. They're adorable :D so cute . .

    Merry Christmas ~

    stopping by the SITS :D

  9. Sounds like a really fun place for the kiddos!

    Stopping by from SITS. Hope you had a nice Christmas!

  10. Beautiful pictures and you can't beat free entertainment!

  11. Stopping by from SITS. Looks like the children had a fun time. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

  12. Oh that look like fun, My youngest would love somethign like that he is an animal whisperer.. wish we had somethign nearby like that. Stopping by from Sits...

  13. That does look like a lot of fun! You're right, definitely a lot of beautiful photo-ops.

  14. Looks like a fun time that your kids definitely enjoyed. I think maybe they would have liked that log cabin better if it had furnishings inside.

    Visiting from SITS.

  15. What a fun place to visit!!

    Stopping in from SITS

  16. Visiting from SITS. And can I tell you, seriously, that your blog header picture is one of the cutest I've ever seen. Totally went "awwwwww" Sweet post. Brings back lots of memories.

  17. I needed some wonderful posts for a Mommy Blog Carnival I am hosting and I included one of yours. Here is the link:


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