Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Art Class: Stippling and Collage

Breck tried out stippling!
I wonder what prompted him to try that, because I didn't give him any direction.

Rowan did some stippling, too, when she saw Breck was doing it.
But then she scribbled

and soon lost interest in making anything on the paper and opted to put the lid on and off the marker!

Breck didn't stipple for long,
(I don't blame him - I once did a stippling project in college, when I was majoring in art, that took over 80 hours!)
and instead wanted to make a collage with various shapes I had cut out - many were fabric bugs I had left over from this blanket. And some were die cuts I'd made using paint chips, foam and scrapbook paper.

...he used them all!

When they were done, we listened to music and at one point, the kids just wanted to sit next to each other in their folding chairs, holding hands!


  1. Your kids are just so cute!

  2. Oh the fun they were having. And to top it off they love each other!! Love that picture of them holding hands!


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