Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm so glad this weekend is over!
Well, let me rephrase that - I'm so glad unloading the truck is over!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful (and hard working!) friends and family!
A BIG thanks to all who came to help us load and unload the massive amounts of stuff we have!
A HUGE thanks to those who put our stuff away for us to help make our house feel more like home quicker!
(such as Courtney, Lorrie, Tammy, Mom and Amanda, etc)

We're mostly unpacked now, but still have stray boxes here and there.


This morning we got hooked up for our internet (woohoo!), cable and phone. The poor guy who installed it all ran into a bunch of problems...it took him 4.5 hours to get it all done!!!

And I made my first grocery run today, too. It's probably not exciting to read about, but it was exciting to us (me and the kids) to go to new grocery stores.

Just look at all the fruit we got!
...nearly 16 pounds worth...

They were all $0.99 per lb and I plan to can them next week.
(Mmm, plums in sugar syrup make a fantastic topping for ice cream!)


  1. What a great deal you got on your fruit!!! I would have stocked up for sure on that.

    Glad you are all unpacked and settled in now. I know you must feel so much better.

  2. Can you share the plum ice cream topping? Sounds yummy!

  3. It's just plums canned in a sugar syrup, but the full recipe is coming sometime next week! We're going out of town tomorrow through Sunday, so hopefully by next Tuesday things will be back to "normal" and I'll have time to find/post it!


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