Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making Memories...Already

The kids are right at home...for the most part.

Rowan doesn't sleep very well here yet and Breck is a bit unhappy that we've moved.
Sunday, we went to the old house to finish cleaning, mow and to pick up a load of stuff that just couldn't fit into the U-Haul. When we were driving out of Manhattan, Breck yelled "NO! I wanna go home!" and then proceeded to argue that we were not going the right way.

The other day, after waving goodbye to Daddy as he headed off to work, Breck spotted our neighbor's car, which is an exact duplicate of ours, and said "uh! that's our car!"
(our was in the garage, by the way)

But overall, the kids have made for some fun photos:

Rolling in mashed Goldfish crackers

Watermelon hairdo

Playing in the rain on our deck

Reclining in the broken booster seat...aahhh.

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  1. Poor babies. I'm sure they'll adjust quickly. The floor in your house if very nice.


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