Monday, August 24, 2009

Walgreens Deals: 8/16-8/22

This was my trip from last week.
I had $19 in RRs that were expiring, so I had to use them or lose them and I think I found some super deals in the clearance aisle!

I got all of this for a total of $0.03 plus tax!
(see below for details)

$0.49 x 12 Disney melamine tableware
(I got the following each in Cars and Disney Princesses:
2 cups, 2 plates, 2 bowls)

$1.99 child's sling chair
(we already have 3 or 4 of these, but for $2, I couldn't resist!)

$3.99 Softsoap bodywash
(I got back a $4RR by buying this, making it free after RR!)

$4.19 x 2 Nature's Source All Purpose Cleaner
(I had 2 free coupons that expired soon and this helped me get to the $25 mark for the spend $25, get a $5RR promo without actually spending more out of pocket!)

$0.74 x 3 Paper Lanterns
(these are battery powered and will go in the kids' playroom! Again, for $0.74, I just couldn't pass these up...I was even thinking about making my own, but at this price it was cheaper to buy them!)

$1.29 x 2 Plastic Basket 3-pk
(these little guys are just what I'd been looking for to organize our various drawers!)

$0.24 Candle Flower
(I thought this might make a cute small addition to a gift basket...or Rowan's dresser top!
...but it smells terrible!)

$0.39 x 3 Bic highlighters 5-pk
(I had a $1 off 2 coupon, but I got 3 because I'm pretty sure the register would have beeped and paying $0.17 for 3 pks is still an ok deal! ;) )

$0.49 x 4 M&Ms
(these were fillers since my total after all coupons was still $2 less than I needed to use my last RR. In hindsight, I should have gotten more of those baskets, but I guess we'll use these as Breck's treats for going in the big boy potty!)

All in all:
I used $9.38 in coupons and $19 in RRs,
which brought my subtotal to $0.03!!!
(although my tax was $2.29!)
And I got $9 in RRs back!

...a pretty good trip, me thinks!


As a bonus "freebie" while shopping...I was able to score some "you're a terrible mom and can't control your child" looks! ...and they must have been incredibly strong for oblivious me to feel/see them! Breck was running around the store like a wild child. And I had to chase him to get him out of the store...oh, the joys of motherhood!

And as an extra special cherry on top, when I went to pay for my cart-load, I realized that I'd left my billfold at home.

But, I captured Breck, went home and made it back inside of 15 minutes!
...and all was well.

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