Monday, August 3, 2009

Dinner and a Movie for One, Please

This morning our realtor came and took pictures of the house.
I got the last of our utility companies called for the new house and canceled our dental appointments, since we won't be here when they are scheduled.

Seth's dad came and fixed the wood rot in two of our windows - it looks fantastic!
(I'd take a picture, but you know...)

And the best part about my day is that when Seth's dad left, he took both kids with him. They are spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd and I am thrilled!
Seth was the mastermind behind this awesome idea. And for that, he rocks!

So, this evening I went and picked up my free movie rental from Redbox - just for me - that I know no one else in my house would want to watch. What did I get?

Bride Wars!
(click here to see a preview)

and I picked up Subway for dinner!
(something Seth isn't a fan of and therefore, we don't get)

I plan to relax all night - watch my movie, eat my dinner, maybe do a little crocheting.
but mostly, just r e l a x.

I should mow the lawn, but it's after 6pm and still 95 degrees out.
I think it can wait until morning. ;)

Thanks for the awesome present, Seth!
I love you!!!


  1. Your hubby is getting lots of bonus points this week! And what to go Grandma and Grandpa!

  2. Wow. Do you even really know what to do with yourself in a totally quiet house?!?!?!?! How awesome of your hubby!!!

  3. what a sweet husband! I forced mine to watch bride wars!


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