Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Bit of Bad News (ok, it's not really that bad.)

Seth is taking our one and only camera with him this week. He needs it for work. (has to photograph his displays and things)

I may just take the week off from blogging.
Ok, probably not, but if I don't have pictures, it won't be near as pretty.

I was thinking of taking all my 365 photos for the week this weekend, but I'm still feeling pretty crummy so I may use a few of my "backup" photos (tucked away for just such an occasion!)

But, on the up side it means I'll be getting a new and much better camera soon! I'm waiting until we've moved, so my path and the camera's don't cross while en route/moving!

That would be terrible.

I wouldn't want to miss this:

Speaking of moving -in less than two weeks, we'll be completely moved! I'm very excited!!!

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  1. A new camera!! Yippee!!!! I know you're pretty excited about that.


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