Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clock's a Tickin'!

Only 7 more days until we take possession of our new house!
(10 days until we actually move all our stuff in)

Today has been pretty productive.

This morning I woke up before both kids, so I went out to the garden and pulled some weeds. (which was very much needed! Planting a garden, knowing we'd be moving, was about the worst idea we've had. I have enough on my plate without worrying about a garden, nevermind that I won't even be able to preserve any of the veggies. And since I never seem to get to the cucumbers soon enough, they are always too big and overgrown and have a yucky bitter taste. Therefore, I have decided to remove the cucumbers.)

Right around 10am, the realty group we're using came for a walk through - the entire office came. Thankfully, they didn't stay long...although their cologne/perfume did. (lol)

And the showing that was scheduled for this afternoon was moved to tomorrow evening.

Also, I did some much as could be done with 4-5 boxes. Somebody (lets call him "Seth") told me I should have everything packed by now, seeing as it is only 9 days until we pack the moving truck! (Easy to say when you're not the one living in an empty house with two little kids! ;) )

And since we'll definitely need more boxes, I called my favorite store in Manhattan and talked to the manager that Seth happens to know - and he was sweet enough to save boxes for us tomorrow!
(hello, Bridgette, if you're reading - your husband rocks!)

For this evening, I think we'll take it easy...plenty to do in the next several days!

Hope y'all are having as productive a day as I!


  1. Too Funny! Yes, he does rock! I read this aloud to him and he said I am to tell you truck is Friday, not tomorrow. He said he was sorry if he accidentally told you tomorrow! We are glad you guys found a house, and personally, I can't wait to see it and whatever projects you decide to complete!

  2. My goodness. You got some work done today!! Now get you some good sleep and tomorrow it will be 6 days!!!

  3. Bridgette (and Brian)- thank for the truck update!

    Jenn - Yes, 6 days now!!!! :D (I'm just all giddy like a school girl!)


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