Friday, July 17, 2009

House Selling Update

"Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him..."
(beginning of Psalm 37:7)

The above is what we did when it comes to selling our house. We didn't get freaked out when we didn't have any showings. Instead, we adjusted our price. And then adjusted it again. Now we are in the correct price range and boy oh boy is God sending people our way!

Here's how this week has gone so far:

Monday: I got a call at 9:30am by a Realtor to show the house at 11:30am!
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: had a showing for 1:00pm, but he didn't show
Thursday: someone called Seth in the morning and I showed them the house at 5:30pm
Friday: a lady called Seth Thursday night and is coming at 6pm!

who knows what this weekend will bring?!

then on Monday we have yet another scheduled showing at 6:30pm - tentatively, as she has not confirmed this time yet. She also wanted to know if date of possession could be as early as July 25th, which is 4 days after she'll be seeing the house! And unless she is paying cash (which is possible, although not probable) and does not want an inspection, then we can make it happen - but I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Good Luck..hope this weekend does the trick. Are you going to still move into the other even if this house doesn't sell? Bet your ready for the family to be together!

  2. Oh yeah - the kids and I will be moving the second we have the keys!!! Our stuff, however, will probably be moving a few days later. How much stuff depends on if we decide to stage our house or not.

  3. I know you must be soooo excited to be heading "home"!! I'll be praying for your showings and for a quick sale.


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