Friday, July 10, 2009

Another House Buying/Selling Update

Monday, July 6th
got a call from the "blue" house realtor that the seller would take our last offer price, but not fix anything - good grief.
left for KC at 9:45am (it's a 2 hour drive),
saw 14 houses in 5 hours,
saw one for a second time, Seth saw it also.
we chose two we really liked,
went back to the office to compare the two homes,
made an offer on one.
I finally got back home at 9pm!
(Lorrie was kind enough to watch the kids for that 12 hour day!)

1:30am Tuesday morning I wake up and have a "freak-out" that the house we made an offer on isn't going to suit our needs, text Seth (at 1:30am) and tell him.

Tuesday morning we cancel our offer.
I feel really bad for wasting everyone's time, since we've seen enough houses that I should have known better.

we had our realtor call the "blue" house realtor to see if the seller would take a lesser offer since she won't fix anything. (we're still waiting to hear, as the seller had some sort of surgery yesterday (Thursday) - should hear something today, maybe?)

Thursday, July 9th
left for KC at 10:15am,
saw 11 homes in 3.5 hours
Seth joined us for two of them - he saw one that I had already seen that I really like.
we had our realtor send us the comps, records, etc for the two houses we like

Now we're in the game-planning process.
Not sure if we'll make an offer on the one we both like best as it's at the top of our price range.
(again, Lorrie was an awesome grandma and watched the kids for another long day!)

As a nice treat, two people stopped by and spoke to Lorrie about the house - one sounds like a good possiblity! ...and it only takes one. ;)

7/10 @ noon - edit to add:
we'll be making an offer on the house that's at the top of our price range. The seller's realtor told ours that another buyer is looking tomorrow and possibly making an offer. Could be just a "make us an offer" ploy, but it's a pretty darned awesome house. So, we're going into this one assuming we will not get it.

Also, we heard back from the "blue" house lady and she will not budge on price or repairs. If the "awesome" house doesn't go through, we'll come back and tell her that we'll go up from our last offer a little bit, and this will be the last time she hears from us, if she rejects it.

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