Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Vacation, Part 4: Royal Hideaway Hotel

The whole reason for us taking this vacation was to attend the wedding of our good friends, Rod and Genn. They got married at The Royal Hideaway, which is an extremely (or at least to us) upscale all-inclusive resort. (and had the price tag to prove it) So, we only stayed there the night of the wedding, which was also our last night in Mexico.

When we arrived at the resort, we had to go through a security-guarded gate to get to the main lobby! (I'd like to say I felt rich at this point, but I mostly felt out of they'd realize I'm severely lacking in the "class" department and kick me out!) Once we got through security, the van stopped and the bellman took our bags and escorted us to check-in. He left and returned with cool wash clothes and champagne! (ooh la la!) We were a little early checking 4 hours early! So, we waited a while and the lady checking us in was able to get our room ready 2 hours early! So, we left our bags with the bellman and headed to the pool for drinks (we wore our swimsuits there in case we had to wait), a light lunch and to mingle with our friends who were already there.

Seth quickly made his way towards Margaritaville and I threw myself into a Corona commercial!

Around 2pm, we headed to our room:

There were several villas and each had no more than 20 rooms in each. And each villa had it's own concierge! We were on the ground floor and this was the view from our villa:

and this was the view from the main pathway:

as you can tell, there were no bad views!

We saw a nice variety of flora

and fauna without even leaving the pool!


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