Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Vacation, Part 3: First Day of Relaxation

After we got settled in, we headed to the beach next door because it was more conducive to swimming.

Here's a picture I caught of some stud coming out of the ocean. ;)

...and he even came over to talk to me! (lol)

And here we are together!


Later that night we went shopping for souvenirs for the kids and to dinner. We got a maraca for Rowan and a recorder/flute thing for Breck. We spent a whopping $2.00 USD, or $26.00 pesos.

(the conversion rate is $1 USD = $13 Pesos)

For dinner we went to the mexican restaurant that's part of the resort and it was fantastic! Seth ordered a shrimp dish with a taco appetizer and I got chicken enchiladas with mole sauce and a salad, which turned out to be a shrimp and avocado salad that tasted so great I had to get a picture of it. (and I'm not normally a fan of either of those ingredients)

While we were eating dinner, two older men were walking around, playing for people (for money, of course) so we gave them a couple bucks and got a nice song out of it. (at least I think it was nice - I don't speak spanish so who knows what it was about!?)


  1. Great pictures and the view from your room was GORGEOUS!!!


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