Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Day - June 22nd, 2009

This morning we got up and were overall pretty lazy...still in pjs at 10:30am! Not much worth mentioning until Seth called at 2:30pm to tell me that someone wanted to see the house at 5:30pm!!!

And it was a MESS! I spent the next 3 hours cleaning furiously! I broke a sweat inside with ac on! Finally I was done, got the kids loaded into the car (Rowan got to ride in her big girl car seat for the first time!) and we headed to McDonald's for dinner since we needed to be gone for an hour and the kids were really pretty well behaved while I cleaned.

When we got home, Breck saw the neighbor kid out his window, so we went outside to play. At first he headed out the back door (since it was the only one unlocked that he could open!) and saw two baby toads! They were so tiny and cute...and fast!

Here's one close up:

and here's a photo to give you a sense of how tiny they are...this is the bottom of our back door:

The kids went to bed late and I'm exhausted...a few more posts and I'm headed to bed!

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