Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Day - June 15th, 2009

Sleeping in until 8am is starting to feel nice!

We ate some "breakfast"

(yes I let the kids eat birthday cupcakes)

Then we got dressed and headed to Rowan's 1 year check up.

We stopped at Home Depot to pick up a few plants to finish up the landscaping.
(there was one spot that looked a bit bare)

Then home for lunch!

On the way home, Breck said he wanted pizza for lunch. And since a) this is an unusual request from his normal peanut butter, and b) we had everything in the fridge to make one, I obliged and we made a pizza!

Rowan fell asleep before the pizza was done, so Breck and I ate, then I put in a movie for him and went out to mow the yard.
(Seth mowed the backyard on Saturday)

I mowed in 5 sections and came in to check on the kids after finishing each section.

This was a view from one of the check-ins:
(when Breck is in the "something's behind my back" pose, it always involves candy)

Rowan was a sweetheart and not only let me eat lunch and mow the yard, but she also slept long enough for me to relax and cool down after mowing!

When she woke up, she ate lunch and then we all went outside.
The kids played nicely while I planted the plants from Home Depot.

here, Breck's driving with his elbows...so much for him being a good driver!

and here's a not so lovely pic of me, courtesy of Breck

later on, we grooved to a little Madonna:

Breck fell asleep at 5:30pm for a nap.

so RoRo colored,

played The Next Food Network Star

and rode the rocking moose all by herself!:

Around 7pm, Breck woke up and we all ate dinner.

Then it started storming and our power went out at 8:30pm.

So, the kids and I went to the front door to sit where there was light and we saw this poor little bird, which must have (quite seriously) been in shock, sitting very still even while I took pictures of it and with Rowan pounding on the door! It eventually ruffled it's feathers and hopped around, so I assume it's ok.

Our neighbors got their power back on at 9:30pm, ours was still out.

So, the kids and I sang some songs (thank you Sound of Music!) and we made shadow puppets on Breck's wall!
(I'd have taken a picture, but I couldn't find the camera in the dark and we only have one flashlight.)

After that, I put Rowan down for the night and then Breck and I went to bed.

Still no power...

...ours came on at 6:30AM!!!
(I'm still a little irate about that)

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