Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Day - June 10th, 2009

For the next few weeks, during the weekdays, I'll be posting about our days so that Seth doesn't feel completely isolated from his family. I can't promise that these will always be eventful, but we'll try!

(warning: this post is very photo/video heavy!)


Here's a special video just for Daddy!
(but if you're not Seth, you can watch too!)

This morning started out great! The kids slept in until about 8:00am again! We were all up for breakfast at the same time, so we sat at the dining table together, which hardly ever happens! Normally, we're all in front of the tv, but the tvs have been moved to storage, so we're boom-tube-less until we move!

After breakfast we all went outside.

Rowan pushed her hippo

and had a few tumbles

and Breck rode his big wheel

when they were done with those toys, they decided to drive the truck
(notice Breck goose-necking to stare at the neighbor's motorcycle!)

Rowan got out of the truck early....apparently she was hungry for rocks.

Gale (Seth's dad) came down this morning to help out, which was a big help! (Thanks a bunch, Gale!) He weeded the landscaping and played with Breck while I mowed the lawn. (Rowan was sleeping) I was also able to get 5 bags of lava rocks spread out. (they covered a ridiculously small amount of space for as much as the ugly things cost!)

Breck managed to get a shot of me weeding before Grandpa got here

Breck made a "castle" out of terra cotta pots
(and only broke one!)

then he found the attachment for the hose sprayer thingy and talked into it for a while

"Mommy, don't take my picture!"

Later this afternoon, we went back outside.
I think Breck was pretending he was Zoc from The Ant Bully:

Not only does Rowan now have a spectacular wave,

but she also says "hi!"

and Breck taught Rowan how to fist-bump

Late this afternoon Breck got to talk to Daddy
"Hi Daddy! It's me. You come home now."

after the phone call I cleaned some windows
and literally 2 seconds after I finished, this happens:

then Breck saw that the bucket on the patio had something in it, so he had to check it out

and just as he poured the water out, it started raining.
(meaning I didn't have to water the garden....again!)

and here's Breck in rare form:
being kind to RoRo...

(I wish I'd have gotten them a few seconds earlier. Rowan was crying and Breck was holding his cup of water up for Rowan to drink, saying "it's ok Rowan, here!" Normally he growls at her if she even looks at his drink!)

This evening we went to pick up some moving boxes and we stopped at Dairy Queen, waiting in a long drive-thru line for 3 min without going anywhere (Rowan was asleep, otherwise we'd have gone in) and then left. I explained to Breck that it's ridiculous to wait that long and not even move, and that we'd go to Walmart tomorrow and buy a gallon of ice cream.
...he'll remember.

Now it's time to get the kids ready for bed.

We love and miss you Seth!!!
(only two more days to go!)

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  1. I think this is a beautiful thing you are doing for your hubby. It keeps you connected in such a wonderful way!!


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