Saturday, June 20, 2009

No More Houses, PLEASE!

...but there will be more. I went today with Seth's mom to see 10 more, one of which was one we really liked from the pics online. Before we got started, I joked that it'll sell before we get there...who knew it was a prediction?! (there have already been 3 houses we've really liked and before we get to see them they sell!) Our realtor got a call that it had sold by the time we were in our 3rd house. Soooo, we saw 9 houses.

I really liked the first one and so we had "our guy" send us the disclosure and upon review, we discovered that the pipes are polybutelene. Which, as it happens, are also known as cheap pieces of crap that break without notice and ruin everything. Or if you prefer a more technical description: they are inexpensive, plastic pipes and that's why builders used them until 1995. However (and it's a big however) the materials it's made of have a chemical reaction over time which causes deterioration and flaking, causing the pipes to become brittle, often resulting in broken pipes without any notice, thus causing lots of damage to property and personal effects. Which means that the house I thought we might possibly be making an offer on is suddenly a "NO" on the list.

...and that means we're back to the drawing board...again.

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  1. Sorry to hear that house hunting is not going so well...will keep yall in our prayers.


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