Friday, June 19, 2009

"Home" Again, "Home" Again...

We're home from the sweltering garage sale. My amazing MIL offered to work Saturday so Seth and I could have some time together before I go to KC tomorrow to look at more houses.

(ah, yes...the house we were negotiating on...didn't go through. The seller, without warning, decided to work with another buyer. I guess we just weren't meant to have that one.)

The garage sale was insanely hot/humid and there wasn't a great amount of traffic. But I can't complain, as I sold a decent amount of things.

I managed to get a few pics of the kids:

eating dinner

and in the tub

(Note: Home is in parentheses because right now it most definitely doesn't feel like it.)

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  1. Take your time and don't rush into just any house. It is a buyers market right now not a sellers so the right house is waiting for you.


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