Friday, April 24, 2009

A Little Change to the Grocery Budget

I decided that instead of a $20/week grocery budget, I'm going to go with a $40 bi-weekly budget. Yes, it's still the same monthly amount, but I'll be able to get all that we need in one day/trip, rather than wait until the next week starts before I can finish the shopping.

We needed some produce and decided to go to Aldi's, since they usually have good produce at the cheapest price in town. There were a few things on the list that I know are cheaper elsewhere, so I'll get those next Tuesday. (that's when the one day sale is!)

(Seth gave me the "you're so ridiculous" look for taking a picture of our groceries. But, like I told him, it's a documentary of sorts!)

$2.35 gallon 2% milk
$1.29 dozen large eggs
$0.99 lettuce
$0.63 per pound red delicious apples, 3lb bag
$0.49 x 3 cream of mushroom soup

subtotal: $7.99
tax: $0.58
total: $8.57

(grocery budget remaining for 4/19 - 5/2: $9.29)

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