Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garage Sale Success!

Friday night we opened up the garage sale from 2-7pm. We had a slow, but steady stream of people - most of whom bought $10+ of stuff! We literally only had 3 people come who didn't buy anything. I think that's pretty amazing! We sold mostly small things like baby clothes and stockpile items. The big, higher priced things were still around at the end, though...

Every so often, Breck would walk up to someone looking at the exersaucer or baby clothes and say either "that's baby RoRo's" or "that's Breck's (whatever it is)" - it was kind of comical - I didn't think he'd care too much, but apparently there were a few things he really liked! And a few times, he told people to "look at this" - he gets his sales knack from his Daddy!

Saturday we were open from 8am to noon. I woke up at 5am with one of the kids and it was raining, but by the time we started setting up, it had stopped and stayed away for the rest of the day. Seth's dad came down and took both kids to the K-State Open House - it sounds like they had a really fun time and it got them out of our hair for a few hours!

We had a LOT of people come through! We weren't even half way done setting up before a handful of people rolled in - and our signs weren't up yet, either! We sold our freezer (which freed up space in the garage), baby swing and exersaucer (which freed up space in the living room), lots of baby clothes and a ton of the stockpile! Our (my) efforts were certainly worth it!

And the Lord has certainly provided!

At times it felt just like He had sent these people to our sale for the exact item(s) we were selling - like the freezer, which could not have fit any more perfectly in the couple's SUV. Or the young guy who came at the last minute, while we were packing up, walked straight to the Pulp Fiction poster that no one even looked at, said he's been looking for this poster and bought it! And there were only a handful of people who tried haggling (which is to be expected at a garage sale) but most seemed a-ok with paying "full price."

And as a cherry on top, Wednesday night I won $10 at Bunco! ;)
(although, it most certainly would have been worth the $5 pitch-in had I not won!)


  1. So, how much did you make at the garage sale? I love hearing about the sucesses. I have friend who always has a goal in mind to make which is usually an amount her family needs. God always provides that amount most often more in abundance than that total. What an awesome God we serve who provides for His children!

  2. We made over $500! The two most expensive things we sold were $40 each - most everything else was $5 or less, which obviously means we sold a lot of stuff!

  3. We are getting ready for a garage sale this weekend. It is a citywide one. We have participated for 3 years and usually make around $500. My husband was in total shock at how much money can be made off of selling baby / children's clothes and toys. We have twins though so we have more stuff. It is a never ending cycle of finding more stuff to sell though.

  4. Tammy - Good luck with your upcoming sale!


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