Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Walgreens Deals (3/29 - 4/4)


$6.99 Wal-itin
$5.96 (4 x $1.49) Chapstick Naturals
$5.98 (2 x $2.99) Edge Shave Gel
$2.99 Skintimate Shave Gel
$3.98 (2 x $1.99) Kleenex plus Lotion
$0.50 12ct Easter eggs
$1.49 20oz Coke
$0.89 Kit-Kat
$2.29 Glade Plug-Ins Warmer
$3.79 Glade Plug-Ins Warmer with Extra Outlet

Coupons Used:
$6RR (from razor deal two weeks ago)
$1/2 Kleenex (mfg q)
$1.79 Kleenex (in-ad q)
$2RR (from Chapstick Naturals)
$3RR (from Edge)
$0.89 Hershey's promo: free candy bar wyb 20oz Coke
$1.99 Glade Plug-Ins Warmer (from home mailer)
$2.00 Glade Plug-Ins Warmer with Extra Outlet (from home mailer)
$1.49 Free 20oz Coke (from MyCokeRewards)

Total before coupons: $34.86
Total after coupons:
Total Paid:

Got/getting back:
(2) $3RR (from Edge/Skintimate)
(3) $2RR (from Chapstick)
$1.10 ESR (from Glade Extra Outlet Warmer; incl 10% bonus)
$7.69 ESR (from Wal-itin; incl 10% bonus)

(Note: I could have had a much lower OOP (out of pocket), but that required a few more transactions and I just didn't feel like doing that many - I think I ended up doing 5 trans in total.

Also, the Edge/Skintimate deal is going until 4/25: buy 1 Edge or Skintimate at $2.99, get a $3RR back. You can only buy 1 per transaction to get the RR, and you cannot use these RRs to turn around and buy another Edge/Skintimate, otherwise the RR won't print.)

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  1. Great trip......I didn't make it to Walgreens this week at all. Frustrating, but my little one has been sick. I sure missed out.


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