Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not So Amazing Creatures

Yesterday the kids and I went to Topeka. They were great on the way there and then we stopped at Kohls, CVS, a gas station, and the Kansas Sampler. And they were PERFECT each and every place we went! We visited Grandma Taylor, too, and when it was time to go, Breck helped clean up and got his coat on with no fussing! Rowan I expect it from, but behavior like that from Breck, I have to pray for! It was amazing!

So, to reward this stupendously great behavior, we got out the "Amazing Capsule Creatures" that I picked up from CVS. While most other brands of capsule creatures are indeed fun to watch grow in water - this particular kind took 5+ minutes to do anything! BOOOOORING! Plus, they're much smaller than I thought they'd be. So, if you see this kind, I don't recommend buying them!

I'm going to try to use ours as small paint stamps and if that doesn't work (as I'm thinking it won't) then we'll glue them onto some card stock and make a dinosaur scene!

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  1. We must have bought the same kind. They were awful and took forever! In the end, we had to pick the plastic off just to get them to expand. Sorry your little ones got stuck with not-so-hot creatures!


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