Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DIY: Christmas Countdown - Sugar Scrub

4 Weeks Until Christmas!

I saw this recipe for a simple homemade sugar scrub on Thrifty Jinxy. I cut mine in half and it was just the right amount to fit in my jar (which happened to be a salsa jar ;) )

1 cup granulated sugar (if you can find course sugar, I'm sure that would add to the scrubbing power!)

1/4 cup baby oil (unscented if you plan to add essential oil)

4 drops essential oil or pure extract (I used my awesome pure vanilla extract that I won a while ago!)

Mix all together

and put in a jar!

If you're reusing a jar as I am, you may want to decorate the outside of the jar, where the sticky glue is, with scrapbook paper. (I'd much rather decorate than try and get all that glue off!) Spray paint the lid and tie a measuring spoon around the top for your scoop if giving as a gift!

Wallah! That's it. You're done.

(Bath & Body Works charges $16 for their scrubs! - although they do use better oils.)


  1. Katie--Thank you so much that is way cool. Very neat idea, will definately have to try!


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