Thursday, August 28, 2008

For Vanilla's Sake!

Last week I was perusing my own blogroll and saw that My Wooden Spoon had a yummy sounding recipe up, Vanilla Honey Butter, so I went on over to check it's an easy recipe that I think you should make! :) Anywho, not thinking that I'd find a giveaway attached to it - I DID! The post was a guest post by Corrin from oh, hey, and she was giving away 12 bottles of vanilla to the first 12 people who responded to any post on her blog. I figured I'd check it out and try my luck, thinking all the while that I'm waaaaay too late, but ya never know. And guess what?! I was one of the first 12 - and look what I got in the mail today! Now I can make the Vanilla Honey Butter ....I should probably make muffins to go with it! :D

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