Sunday, October 19, 2008

Creative Recycling: Old Clothes

1. Quilts - Popular ones are using old denim jeans, old t-shirts, etc.

2. Tote out of old tank tops or a skirt

3. Turn a mens button-up shirt into a toddler dress! This is sooo cute and looks fairly simple...makes me want to go thrift store shopping!

4. Ties - make into curtain tie-backs, skirt, Christmas tree skirt

5. Suit coats into pillows

6. Rag rugs

7. Wine gift bags (thanks to my MIL, Lorrie, for this one! :) )

8. Reclaim yarn from knit sweaters!

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  1. Have you ever seen a pet's bed made from a sweatshirt? Here's a link: and it the Sweatshirt Cat Bed.doc . Cute and looks easy.


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