Thursday, October 23, 2008

Couponing 101: Show & Tell

This post is all about your deals you've been able to find using your couponing skills! (new or old) Just leave a note in the comments telling us what you scored!


  1. Following your AWESOME advice I went to walgreens recently and used a couple or a double coupon for every item and then some register rewards. Sub total pre coupons, $30, post coupons $2.60. I was very proud!

  2. My Sunday trip to Walgreens:
    Transaction #1
    4 Lysol Neautra air (reg 11.99)
    3 Kleenex
    1 Airwick Freshmatic (reg (12.99)
    1 Pert Plus
    2 emery boards
    2 toothbrushes

    Total - $4.51 Savings:$83.31 plus got back $1 RR

    Transaction #2
    1 Pert plus
    2 Reach toothbrushes
    Dried apricots
    2 1-lb twizzler packs

    Total - $2.57 Savings - $11.79


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