Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thrifty Green Thursday

Thanks goes to my friend Sara for this one!

If you like to read, then pay attention to this! is just what the name suggests: an online library of sorts where you swap books with people all around the country. It's free to sign up and you pay nothing for the books you receive! The 'catch' is that you pay the shipping when someone orders your books. (you get 1 book credit with each book you are more details on how it all works)

At first, I thought "why not just go to the library?" Then I thought about it, and here are a few good reasons why the library may not be as convienient:

1. Sometimes libraries don't carry the book you want.

2. If you don't live close to a library, the gas alone may cost you more than the cost to ship a book.

3. If you're like me and have kids, you know it's sometimes a pain to buckle them in, then unbuckle, run into the library to check out a book, buckle the kids back up, go home and unbuckle them.

...not to mention that reusing books reduces paper waste, paper production, and thus deforestation! ;)

For more thrifty green ideas, head on over to Green Baby Guide for


  1. I find that going to the library weekly is sometimes totally beyond me. The only trouble is that I haven't yet scratched out time to read in my life! Thanks so much for joining us for Thrifty Green Thursday this week.

  2. This does seem like a good service for those who enjoy owning books or need a long time to finish a book and don't want the pressure of the library due date!

    I am not sure about the gas argument, though. Wouldn't you have to drive to the post office to mail the package? I guess if you have a scale at home you could save a car trip. I happen to live within walking distance of a UPS store AND the library, so I could avoid a car trip either way!

    Also, our library delivers books to people's houses for $2.00. That may be another thing to look into for people who can't get to the library. I don't know if that would be cheaper than this paperback swap or not.

    Thanks for joining us on Thrifty Green Thursday!

  3. I LOVE paperbackswap. I actually wrote about it on my blog also. I've used it for 15 transactions and never had a problem!


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