Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Making Lemonade...

This morning brought nothing but lemons my way...

The Lemons:

I was supposed to pick up a couple things from a lady in town (through freecycle and for this Sunday's Creative Recycling project) but either she forgot to set them out or someone took them. So, that was a wasted trip. Then on to the library for toddler story time...where my child wouldn't mind, kept running around during the story, and shouted "NO!" every time I tried to settle him down. It was embarrassing to say the least, since everyone else's child was being good! (I am not exagerating, either.) ....we left early. Oh, and at the library I was supposed to pick up the first book in the Left Behind series for Seth, but they didn't even have one of their five copies on the shelf. (...it is a great series, so I don't know why I was shocked) I had also planned to make a shopping trip to Walmart, but I forgot some coupons and with Breck being so....defiant...it wasn't going to be worth my time.

The Lemonade:

After I stopped to think about my bad morning, I realized that I could either let theses things ruin my day or turn them into lessons for myself. As for the freecycle stuff not being there....I've forgotten to put something out before, so this was an opportunity to forgive. Ok, done! That was easy! And I used the library/Breck incident to open my eyes that maybe we should practice our own story time at home instead of watching cartoons. When we got home, I unplugged the tv and Breck picked out four books to read! Then we played at Bembo's Zoo (it's an online alphabet zoo that is pretty neat...I highly recommend it for those of you with young kids) To my surprise, Breck took an interest and repeated all the letters after me! After that, we ate lunch and then went outside and kicked/threw a ball around. Then roofers came to our neighbor's house and we got to watch them send all the shingles up on the conveyor belt!

....it was a pretty good morning after all!

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