Sunday, September 21, 2008

Creative Recycling: Detergent Bottles

1. Weights - Fill with water, rocks, or just about anything else to the desired weight! And get to working out! (I recommend The Biggest Loser Workout, Vol 1!)

2. Scoop - Cut the top of the bottle off, right above the handle. Now you have a handled scoop! If you want to get fancy with it, you can make your cut on an angle and/or spray paint the outside!

3. Use the lids as sand castle forms

4. Store oil, kitty litter, rock salt, etc.

5. Ball Catchers

6. Watering Can

Step 1. Obtain an empty detergent bottle. Any kind will do!

Step 2. Using a nail and a hammer, poke lots of holes in the lid. Seth gave me a good tip (after I was done with this step) that the water may come out better if the holes are poked from the inside of the cap towards the outside. I had to wiggle my nail in a circle to get the holes rounded.

Step 3. Poke a hole just above the handle. This will allow the air inside to escape, thus allowing the water to flow out like a watering can. This step is important! Otherwise, you'll end up with a trickle.

Step 4. (optional) Spray paint your new watering can!

EDIT: I had planned on painting mine, but it was taking much too long with the spray paint and I gave up. Plus, I noticed that the rest of my apples were starting to go soggy, so I had to do a bunch of canning!

Be sure to rinse your detergent bottle very well prior to watering your plants!

Coming up later this week:

Tuesday - DIY: Bottle Cap Halloween Wreath
next Sunday - Creative Recycling: Wine Corks

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