Thursday, September 18, 2008

Apple Peel Jelly: My Destiny

Here's the story of my journey to Apple Peel Jelly.

One hot summer day, several months ago, I went to CVS to do my once a month shopping trip (the nearest CVS is an hour away, so I don't make it there very often). And as I was sorting my coupons for a killer deal, a woman approached and asked if I could use some coupons, as she had too many. "What a kind thing to offer." I thought to myself. We chatted briefly about coupons (we both had coupon binders!) and she told me of her blog, Simply Cara...Cara with a 'C'.

Once I arrived home, I hopped on the computer to find Cara's blog. After a few searches, I was there. So, I bookmarked the site and now visit weekly. Not long ago, she posted about a blog she found, Happy to be Called Mommy, that had wonderful apple preserving recipes, one being Apple Peel Jelly. I was intrigued, so I clicked through and read the post.

The recipe sounded easy enough, but I didn't have any apples. And, not having a plan for all the apples I would need in order to get the required amount of peels, I put off buying any. (at the time I didn't know just how easy applesauce is to make!)

About one week later, up pops a post on freecycle for apples! And the rest is history!

So, the moral of my story: Shopping at CVS=Apple Peel Jelly. Ok, not really...but, I can't help but think of all the things that had to happen for me to arrive at this yummy end product...which makes me think of all the other things/events/people/decisions in my life that have laid the path to where I am now....and even bigger, that God doesn't merely have a plan for each of us, it's more like a personalized 1200-piece orchestra!

btw...the jelly is delicious and it really is that pretty red color!


  1. It was fun to hear about your freecycle/apple experience. Thanks for telling me about it and for stopping by my blog. That is so neat how God worked everything out!

  2. Hi Katie! It's Cara from So neat to find your post today!
    I am glad you liked the Apple Peel Jelly, it is fun to make and yes, so pretty, not to mention delicious!
    Maybe we will run into each other again at CVS sometime, who knows what the Lord will have in store for us then!


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