Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Big Apple

Monday of this week, a lady on freecycle posted that she had a bunch of apple trees that needed to be picked. So, I sent an email saying I'd love to take some off her hands and we went this morning. Rowan was asleep by the time we got there, so I rolled the windows down and let her nap. Breck went with me and the lady who owns the trees to start picking! We used an apple picking pole basket, which was kind of fun! We picked one bag of summer apples and one bag of fall apples.

While I was washing all the apples, I thought to myself "I can already smell the cinnamon!" Then I looked down...

all washed and drying:

I peeled, cored and sliced 34 apples - and I still have over 1/2 a bag of each kind left!!! Breck was in charge of quality assurance.


The peels and cores went into one pot for apple peel jelly

and the slices into another two pots for applesauce!

I canned 5 pints of applesauce, refrigerated 2 quarts, and ate 1 bowl. (Breck is a crazy little kid and didn't want to even try it!)

Tomorrow I'll finish up the apple peel jelly (it has to sit overnight) and turn the peels into potpourri!

and tonight Seth and I canned Rotell
(by the way, Breck took this picture all by himself without any prompting from me - I think he did an excellent job!)


  1. What a great freebie!! We love apples in this house!

  2. Can you share your recipe for Rotell? I would love to try that. We always have way to many tomatoes every year. Thank you,

    tcmcgarvey at hotmail dot com

  3. Wow, what a great find. I'm going to try that recipe for apple peel jelly. I've never heard of that before and we are going apple-picking this weekend, so I found this post just in time. Thanks!

  4. Who are you, Martha Stewart? That is AMAZING! I can't believe you got all those apples for free, then went about processing everything for the winter. Wow!

  5. Cindy - I haven't forgotten you...I'll try to email you the Rotell recipe by the end of the weekend! (and you've inspired me to compile and share our favorite canning recipes! So, look for that in the next week or two!)

    Kate - if you don't have an apple-peeler-corer-slicer, I highly recommend getting one! After peeling my 3rd apple with the regular hand peeler, I was wishing I had one!

    Rebecca - I'll take being compared to Martha as a compliment! (we're on a first name basis, Martha and I!) Although, she has been to jail....


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