Monday, September 15, 2008

*Another* Accident Report

Yep, Breck is two for two this week. Yesterday it was his thumb, today it's his head. We were at Dillons (our grocery store) and we got the cool cart that holds multiple kids. I had to stop by customer service, so I parked our gigantic cart to the side, parallel with an end-cap. As I was picking Rowan up so she'd stop crying, Breck falls out of the cart, hitting the end-cap and then the ground. (yes, he was buckled in....the buckle came undone...and not because of Breck!) When I picked him up, I did a quick glance to see that he was ok before giving him a hug. When he lifted his head off my shoulder, I noticed that he wasn't ok.....there was a big trickle of blood running down his little face!!! (here's where Mommy freaked out a little.)

Thankfully, one of the ladies at customer service saw this before I did and was already on her way to get first aid stuff when I saw his head! His cut ended up being rather small for the amount of blood loss and didn't require stitches. (thank goodness!)

So now, in addition to his bruised thumb, Breck also has a bruised forehead and a small gash in his head.....poor little guy!

close up

recouping with McDonald's

Mommy's shirt


  1. Nothing a little Mcdonalds won't fix! He is so cute!

  2. Holy Cow! If I saw all that blood on my shirt, I would have panicked, too! Glad the little guy was okay. Isn't amazing how quick they recover?

  3. I would have freaked w/all that blood too!


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