Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Progressive Lunch?

We stopped at McDonald's today for lunch, which is a real treat for us since we hardly ever go out for meals. And an even bigger treat for Breck because he got a happy meal - he never eats his food when we do buy him his own, so most times we don't bother and he eats off our plates. However, he was really good in Walmart, so I thought he had earned something!

We went through the drive-thru and I gave Breck his box to hold. (when did they bring back the box for happy meals?! I love those boxes!) Anyway, before we were even half way home, he had carefully opened the box and was eating fries! They are too good to wait!

When we got home, I packed up his happy meal and told him to take it inside while I unloaded the rest of the car. He must have decided he'd try something new today - it ended up being a progressive lunch:

the meat portion of his entree to be eaten in the kitchen:

while the side is eaten in the dining room

did you notice the toy is nowhere to be found??? He didn't even get it out of the box! I had to get it out and show him there was something else in his happy meal! (just goes to show how "deprived" our children are....not knowing a toy comes with a happy meal!)

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